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X-Ray Detectable Gauze Swab Non-Sterile Green 8 Ply 7.5cm x 7.5cm x5 20

IDD3336, PM7012, 7012

Made from 100% cotton gauze, these swabs are highly absorbent to increase efficiency. Higher than average X-ray detectable barium sulphate content of 62%, ensuring visibility on all commonly used plain X-ray film and image intensifier fluoroscopy. Double wrapped for sterility.


Cotton Gauze
• Soft and highly absorbent gauze to increase efficiency
• Consistent quality, construction, absorbency and weight

X-Ray Detectable Strip

• X-Ray detectable thread is securely attached to the gauze to promote safety
• Higher than average X-Ray detectable barium sulphate content of 62% ensuring visibility during X-Rays
• Metal detection testing employed during manufacturing process to ensure patient safety


• Length and position of the red tie cord ensures easy removal from swab bundle
• Quality controlled at 3 stages to ensure correct bundles of 5
• Double wrapped in line with aseptic opening practises to minimise contamination risks

• Material: 100% Cotton Gauze Type 13
• Colour: White and Green
• Ply: 8, 16, 32 Ply
• Intended Use: For intra operative use only
• Inner Wrap: Plain white paper (sterile, double wrapped only)
• Outer Wrap: Thermoform peel open pouch
• Sterilisation: ETO

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