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greenlight 300 Wall Model Conversion Kit

IDW4303, P111, 1772

Accoson greenlight 300 Sphygmomanometer 

The Accoson Greenlight 300 Sphygmomanometer is a manual sphygmomanometer that has been designed to provide a reliable and accurate alternative to mercury sphygmomanometers. The Greenlight 300 combines manual blood pressure measurement with the reliability and robustness of electronic blood pressure measurement with the reliability and robustness of electronic pressure detection.

The Greenlight 300 is made with the highest quality components and automatically calibrates to zero everytime it is switched on, ensuring the reliability in the accuracy of the blood pressure monitor.

The Greenlight 300 is supplied as a desk model, with both wall mounted conversion kits (W4303) and stand model conversion kits (W4305) available to purchase separately.


  • Moving green light indicates the cuff pressure
  • It has a display design which encourages measurement to 2mmHg (BHS recommendation)
  • Accuracy better than +/- 3mmHg
  • Cuff deflation rate display allows controlled deflation between 2 and 3mmHg per second (BHS recommendation)
  • Meets all applicable requirements of the European Standard for sphygmomanometers
  • Extended battery life (typical 170 hours continuous use), with low battery indicator

Greenlight 300 Wall Model (W4303)

  • Swivel mounting bracket
  • Separate cuff container

Greenlight 300 Stand Model (W4305)

  • Large container for the cuff and tubing on which the manometer is fitted
  • Mounting stem and heavy cast base with five castors to give mobility and stability

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