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Riester ri-former® Premium Wall Diagnostic System

IDW57716, 3650-300.010, RI-3650-300.010

Riester ri-former® Premium Wall Diagnostic System with Clock, ri-scope L3 Diagnostic Heads and Handles, Big Ben® BPM with Adult Cuff, ri-thermo® N Thermometer and ri-spec®


ri-spec Specula Dispenser;
• Specula dispenser with 5 tubes for up to 5 specula sizes
• Hygienic and practical solution, dispenses a new speculum for each examination
• Simple to clean and disinfect
• Easy to refill and can be closed with a cover
• Filling level of specula tubes can be seen
• Suitable for all Riester specula – except uni®/econom® with metal attachment
• Can also be used independent of the diagnostic station
• Complete with plugs and screws

ri-scope L3 Handles;
• Automatic switch-on/off of handles when removing or replacing them in the handle unit
• Ergonomic and non-slip
• rheotronic®: infinitely variable regulation of brightness as well as manual switching on/off possible on the handle
• Spiral cord expandable up to 3 m / 118 in
• For expanding the ri-former® base module, up to 4 handle modules possible
• Complete with wall mounting plate, plugs, screws, and assembly plan

• 1 x 3.5V/230V ri-former® Wall Diagnostic Station
• 1 x L3 Advanced Otoscope
• 1 x L3 Advanced Ophthalmoscope
• 1 x Dual Handle
• 1 x ri-spec® Ear Specula Dispenser
• 1 x Clock
• 1 x Uk 3 pin plug (power supply)

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Brand Riester
Brand Riester