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KaWe MedCenter 5000 Wall Mounted Diagnostic Set - Fibre Optic LED

IDW4233, 02.85020.002

The KaWe MedCentre 5000 wall-mounted station for ENT instruments combines high quality electronics with modern design and guarantees numerous combination possibilities for individual assembly of the sets.

With the wall stations module system (which consists of basic and accessory modules), holders for different types of instruments can be combined as needed and assembly is easy.

All of the instruments have ergonomic handles with unique dimmable light switches, the user-friendly "soft-touch-system" (KaWe STS). With this technology, soft push buttons are used to adjust the light intensity as needed. The last used light setting is saved even after the handle is removed (memorised light function). The instruments also have a theft-deterrent system to guard against unauthorised use.

Contents of Xenon Version

• Piccolight C Otoscope head in night with standard illumination and pivoting triple magnifying glasses

Contents of High Powered F.O. LED Version

• Piccolight High power, F.O. LED Otoscope head in night with LED illumination and pivoting triple magnifying glasses
• Piccolight E56 Ophthalmoscope head in night with correction lens wheel in stages from +20 to -20 dioptres and 6 diaphragms (slit, large, small and semi- circle, red-free, cobalt blue and fixing aid)


• Modern, innovative design
• 24 hour operational readiness
• Stand by mode (memorised light function)
• Dimmable touch switch for light control
• Longer lifetime of the lamps due to gentle, pulsed start-up phase
• Ergonomic handles
• KaWe STS technology with automatic on/off switch
• Easy cleaning
• Anti-theft system
• Easy wall fastening

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Brand Kawe
Brand Kawe