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Single-tube velcro cuff for seca b11 - 34-43cm (Adult/Large)

IDW57242/5, C100005001

seca b11 & b12 Cuffs

The c10 cuff from seca is available in a number of different sizes, ranging from infant to thigh, so the process of finding the ideal size cuff for your patient is simplified. The cuff is made of a cotton coated blend to make it soft and comfortable for the patient to wear while the outer fabric consists of a watertight fabric which is easy to disinfect reducing the risk of cross infection.

Please note, these cuffs are only compatible with seca b11 BP monitors and it is important to use a cuff that is suitable for the size of the patient's arm; if the cuff is not a suitable size, blood pressure may not be measured correctly.
Cuffs for the seca b11 & b12


seca b11

• W57242/1 - Infant Cuff (10-15cm)
• W57242/2 - Toddler Cuff (14-21.5cm)
• W57242/3 - Small Adult Cuff (20.5-28cm)
• W57242/4 - Adult Cuff (27-35cm)
• W57242/5 - Large Adult Cuff (34-43cm)
• W57242/6 - Thigh Cuff (42-54cm)

seca b12

• W57243/1 - Infant Cuff (10-15cm)
• W57243/2 - Toddler Cuff (14-21.5cm)
• W57243/3 - Small Adult Cuff (20.5-28cm)
• W57243/4 - Adult Cuff (27-35cm)
• W57243/5 - Large Adult Cuff (34-43cm)
• W57243/6 - Thigh Cuff (42-54cm)

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