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W9943 Coated VICRYL* Rapide Suture 60mm 75cm undyed 3-0 2 Straight Cutting x12

IDW9943, ETW9943, W9943

Coated VICRYL Rapide Suture typically falls off 7-10 days post-operative or can be wiped off subsequently with sterile gauze. Normally the removal of the suture is not required.


• Braided - For easy handling and secure knot tying
• Coated - For smooth passage through tissue and easy knot tie down
• Synthetic - For minimal tissue reaction
• Absorbable - Rapid absorption complete by 42 days. Always predictable and reliable
• Tensile strength - Approximately 50% of the original strength remaining after 5 days
• Always predictable and reliable
• All of the original tensile strength is lost by approximately 10-14 days post implantation
• Colour - Violet or undyed. Please call if not listed
• Range - Gauze sizes 8-0 to 1 (U.S.P.). Please call if not listed

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