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Vacutainer Tube EDTA (K2) 6ml, Pink - x 100

IDK2162, K146, 367941, VS367941, VAC0015

The BD Vacutainer Fluoride EDTA Tubes are used for glucose determinations; the additives in the tube top stop enzymatic activity in the glycolytic pathway.


Lithium Heparin Tube

• Contain Sodium or Lithium Heparin and are used to obtain a plasma sample
• Can be centrifuged immediately after collection

Rapid Serum Tube

• Clots in only 5 minutes
• Can be centrifuged in as little as 3 minutes

Serum Seperator Tubes

• Contain Silica to activate clotting of the specimen
• A gel forms a barrier between the clot and serum after centrifugation

K2EDTA Tubes

• Whole blood or EDTA plasma sample
• The additive K2 Potassium Salt of EDTA is spray coated onto the interior surface of the Vacutainer Tube and acts as a coagulant

Fluoride EDTA Tubes

• Used for glucose determinations
• Additives in the tube stop enzymatic activity at the glycolytic pathway

EDTA Crossmatch Tubes

• Used to obtain either a serum sample or a whole blood or EDTA sample
• Crossmatch label, which is larger to allow more information to be recorded

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