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Mepore Film 10cm x 12cm x70

IDD9968, 271500, 99XX0400

Mepore® Film is easy to use even when gloved thanks to its optimised support frame. The transparent self-adhesive film dressing is ideal for secondary fixation and as primary dressing for a wide range of clean wounds. Mepore Film follows the contour of the patient’s body and protects against viruses, bacteria (microbes larger than 25nm) and fluid strike-through.

When to use Mepore Film

Mepore Film is intended for a wide range of wounds in the granulation phase such as superficial burns, IV sites, abrasions, lacerations, donor sites, superficial pressure ulcers, closed surgical wounds and may help to prevent skin breakdown. It can be used as a conformable fixation device or as a secondary dressing to cover dressings such as hydrogels, alginates and foam dressings. Should not be used directly on full thickness wounds involving muscle, tendon or bone or on third degree burns.


• High breathability
• Easy to apply, even when wearing gloves
• Limits the risk of damage to newly formed tissue
• Conforms to the contours of the body
• Skin friendly adhesive
• Viral and bacterial barrier

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Brand Molnlycke