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Cutimed Sorbact Ribbon 5cm x 200cm x10

IDD4409, 72167-00, 7216700

A range of dressings that help to prevent and management wound infection. With a physical mode of action utilising Sorbact technology to bind bacteria.

Cutimed Sorbact is the first wound dressing to work without a chemically active agent. Unlike dressings which depend on a chemically active agent to reduce microbial load, Cutimed Sorbact uses the physical principle of hydrophobic interaction.

Bacteria become physically and irreversibly bound to the dressing's specially coated surface of DACC, a hydrophobic fatty acid, so when the dressing is changed the bacteria are also removed, aiding the wound's natural healing process.

By removing bacteria with each dressing change, Cutimed Sorbact reduces not only their number but also the level of harmful toxins.


• Improves conditions in the wound to facilitate healing
• No cytotoxicity
• Safe to use for pro-longes periods of time
• No chemicals are donated to the wound bed

Indications: Cutimed Sorbact can be used for all contaminated, colonised and infected, exuding wounds such as pressure, diabetic foot and venous leg ulcers. Also suitable for traumatic and post-operative wounds.

Contraindications: This dressing has no contraindication so can be used safely during pregnancy, breastfeeding and on children.

Cutimed Sorbact dressings are available as dressing pads, swabs, ribbon and round swabs.


• Reduces the bacterial load in a wound improving the conditions for wound healing
• Bacteria is removed with each dressing change reducing bacterial count as well as harmful toxins

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