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CardioCheck™ Cholestrol Test Strips x25

IDD5140, BIOS003

Cardiochek PTS Cholesterol Panel

PTS panel for testing the cholesterol levels in the blood. Total cholesterol is the sum of all the different types of cholesterol in your blood. When you have high cholesterol you are at greater risk of heart disease.
Cardiochek PTS Cholesterol Panel measures Triglycerides in whole blood. A MEMO Chip® is provided with each pack of test strips which contains the test name, calibration curve, lot number and expiration date for the strips.

Red in colour for easy identification.

15µl pipette required.

Total Cholesterol Ranges

• 5.18mmol/L is lower risk
• 5.18mmol/L - 6.19mmol/L is borderline high
• 6.20mmol/L and over is higher risk

For use with the Cardiocheck PA Meter.


Running a Test

• Insert the MEMo Chip into the top of thr Cardiochek meter
• Insert the strip when INSERT STRIP is displays on-screen
• When APPLY SAMPLE is diplayed, apply the whole blood sample to into the blood application window using a pipette
• Within 2 minutes the result will appear on the display
• Discard the stip

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