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JOBST Comprifore 4 Layer Compression Kit

IDD174701, 72661-04

The JOBST Comprifore multi-layer bandage kit contains all the bandaging components needed for adequate compression in the treatment of venous leg ulcers.

To suit the needs of both clinician and patient, a compression bandage system has to provide effective treatment whilst being easy to use. JOBST Comprifore is applied in a simple technique to deliver safe and sustained compression.

After applying a suitable wound dressing, start with JOBST Comprifore 1 at the base of the toes and anchor the bandage with 2 turns. Apply the padding as smoothly and evenly as possible without stretching.

Ensure the heel is covered and work up the leg in a spiral technique with a 50% overlap. Finish below the knee.
Proceed in just the same way with JOBST Comprifore 2. Ensure the bandage is firm at the arch of the foot.

If using JOBST Comprifore lite for reduced compression, go to picture 5. Apply JOBST Comprifore 3 in fi gure of 8 technique with 50% stretch using the coloured central line as guidance to achieve the required 50% overlap.

After giving anchor to JOBST Comprifore 4, go round the ankle and work up the leg in a spiral technique with a 50% overlap at 50% stretch.

The cohesive material will form a permanent bond and secure the bandage. Smooth out the layers with your hands and examine for any gaps.


• For ankle circumference between 18cm - 25cm
• Provides graduated compression of 40 mmHg
• Reaches clinicians’ recommended compression for the healing of venous leg ulcers
• Provides sustained compression for up to 7 days

JOBST Comprifore 1
• Absorbent padding bandage
• Distributes pressure evenly
• Protects bony prominences
• Absorbs exudate

JOBST Comprifore 2
• Light support bandage
• Aids absorbency
• Smooths padding bandage

JOBST Comprifore 3
• Light compression bandage
• Provides the first layer of compression
• Central coloured line facilitates correct application
• Also available in latex-free version

JOBST Comprifore 4
• Flexible cohesive compression bandage
• Provides the second layer of compression
• Keeps bandages securely in place
• No additional fixation necessary
• Also available in latex-free version

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